Evidence-Based Orthopedics (Second Edition) and the Future of Books in Orthopaedic Learning

Evidence-Based Orthopedics (Second Edition) and the Future of Books in Orthopaedic Learning
Episode 23 October 25, 2021 00:10:07

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Mohit Bhandari, MD Marc Swiontkowski, MD

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In this entertaining episode, Marc and Mo focus on the recent publication of the second edition of Mo’s comprehensive textbook, Evidence-Based Orthopedics, as a springboard for a larger discussion of the role of books—and indeed, all printed media—in the future of orthopaedic learning and staying up to date in the field. OrthoJOE Mailbag: feedback, comments, and suggestions from our audience can be sent to [email protected] 


Bhandari M, editor. Evidence Based Orthopedics. Second Edition. John Wiley and Sons Ltd/Wiley-Blackwell. 2021. ISBN 9781119414991. https://www.mobythegreat.com/books/mohit-bhandari/evidence-based-orthopedics/9781119414001?gclid=CjwKCAjw7--KBhAMEiwAxfpkWHiFh8TSC4sjrRavQO0K8q1dox3FAvqRiLIEhJfWLhVBEIbB-MsZjhoCbH4QAvD\_BwE     

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